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Clear (Ultra Slim Fast Mix)
Clear (Pepto Bismol Mix)
Clear (Scalpicin Mix)

Released: ?? ?? 1993
x EP © 1993 Dedicated/BMG CRANE 006T DJ UK

  • Both of these promotional releases had no cover design, packaged in a black sleeve with white sticker.
  • The remixes were by J. G. Thirwell (a.k.a. Foetus).

  • Clear (Boll-Weevil Mix)
    Clear (Davidian Memorial Mix)
    Clear (Blue Gills Mix)
    Cloudless (Thaïs Mix)

    x EP © 1993 Dedicated/BMG RDAB 62691-1 US

  • The remixes of Clear in this promotional release were by J. G. Thirwell (a.k.a. Foetus), and of Cloudless by Ivo Watts-Russel and John Fryer.

  • White promotional image provided by Julien Favre.

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